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But it’s wise to stick to small appliances from brands that are known for durability, such as a KitchenAid stand mixer or a Bernina sewing machine, Cheapism.com’s Latham advises. Keep in mind that if you’re interested in buying fine jewelry at an estate sale, there won’t be time for a professional appraisal, warns Judy Dutton, deputy editor of Realtor.com. Unless you come armed with at least some knowledge, you’ll have to take the seller’s word for it that the 14-karat gold necklace you’re ogling is real. Don’t dismiss clothing at estate sales, because there’s a good chance you’ll be able to score serious bargains on high-end brands, Everything But The House’s Denny says. a look at the renovation of the estate of things All of these dreams of expanding the empire keep me working hard, but I’ll ultimately be happy and feel successful if TEOT stays alive and keeps Sarah and I working closely and happily on our shared passion together. The Estate of Things is a blog about stylized living, home decor and renovation. It is co-authored by Sarah and Betsy, two long time friends exploring a shared passion for design. These two long time friends explore a shared passion for design. They started writing a blog called The Estate of Things in 2008.Historical first-editions, such as “The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858,” are popular and will score top dollar, she notes. If you’re interested in jewelry from a specific maker, do some research beforehand to find out if the company is known for a particular design detail, such as engraving its logo on the clasp of a necklace. That way you know what to look for when trying to confirm a particular jewelry piece’s authenticity on your own. You are going to love our next episode where Whitley interviews the incredibly successful, articulate and inspiring Monica Stockhausen. She likes bold graphics, all things retro, and is magnetized by color. A true bohemian at heart, she loves to fill up her space with handmade goods, sentimental mementos and she loves to bend the rules. Some neighborhood friends recently put their sweet split-level home on the market.


Estate sales are a smart place to shop for secondhand fine china with intricate details, such as a filigree pattern or gold trim, at a reasonable price, Latham suggests. Do a quick on-the-spot inspection to check for chips and scratches before committing to a purchase. Estate sale purchases are final, so be sure to examine the condition of each item you’re interested in before any money is exchanged. Know that the artwork you’ll turn up at a particular estate sale will be indicative of the seller’s personal taste, he notes.

  • Anthony’s piece work is superb quality, and we are thrilled to work with him because of his meticulous attention to detail.
  • Estate sales are usually run by professionals and held when a homeowner passes away or moves to an assisted-living facility.
  • We talked with several estate sale experts about which items tend to be worth your money and time.
  • We blog about all of the above, we take on limited design consultation projects, and as far as our shops go, we specialize in global textiles, vintage picking and product development.

That leaves me content to focus my efforts on my small businesses in the home decor and real estate industries. Here we have collected a few examples of area real estate opportunities that have been snatched up by other investor/contractor teams. These act as proof positive for you that the flip game is strong in this area. It additionally gives our team the intel that we need on how far other flippers are taking these projects for a successful turnaround in the market. And let us take this opportunity to assure you, that we look at these competitive examples and feel more than confident that we can W-I-N the aesthetics game without blowing the budget. I’m sure some folks might drop numbers here, specific acquisition goals, or an outline for exit. Sarah and I don’t desire for TEOT to grow into a multi-million dollar empire, we simply seek to work hard in a world that we love and have been able to create for ourselves with and for like-minded lovers of design.These are the kinds of décor items that will add character to your home, because they aren’t the cookie cutter-type products you’ll find at most big-box retailers. For novice estate sale shoppers who’ve watched one too many episodes of “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS, resist the urge to stock up on multiple sets of china with an eye toward re-selling them at a profit later, Latham warns. “Unless you’re an expert . . . stick to what you like and will actually use in your own home,” she advises. Otherwise, you’ll end up with stacks of nice-looking dishes nobody wants — including your kids — explaining why you find so many china sets at estate sales in the first place.

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Unless its a bathroom or kitchen I don’t generally use silver-toned fixtures and I think the shape is slightly more defined in the brass finish, it should work just fine in your guest room. The A-frame architectural style is popping these days as a second home and a family dwelling and we wanted to get in on the fun. Los Angeles is an incredible city – but it’s so large and so vast and so diverse that all of us are missing out on tons of great people, businesses, organizations, events and more.This influences my answer only in that solidifies my pursuit to discard what makes my day to day operation unfulfilling. Having the room and the financial freedom to focus on the aspects of the job that keep Sarah and myself feeling creatively fulfilled is the measure for success. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep ourselves out of the mire of keeping up with the competition’s number of Instagram followers or staying on top of the gossip in the small town where our flagship brick and mortar is. I want to go to where the water flows where it comes to our business needs, I want to be able to delegate the aspects where we lack and I want to carve out the freedom to keep that shared spark.This means that while there may be variety in the types of artwork available , there may not be as much variety when it comes to the overall aesthetic. For example, you may be on the hunt for modern pieces, but end up at an estate sale where all the artwork is inspired by the Renaissance period. Welcome to The REAL Estate of Things, brought to you by the ladies behind local Southern Pines boutique and online home decor, renovation and real estate blog, The Estate of Things. As a company, I’m most proud of the pivots we have made in our business model as the world of retail and ecommerce has opened up to us and revealed itself. It’s a challenge and in order to meet that challenge, we have in turn opened up our space and our knowledge to give back to other aspiring makers and vendor brands that need a foothold like we did at the start. We have a bit of a mastermind network going with other like-minded ladies that are pursuing their own brand growth. Our whole program is still rolling out in Southern Pines but we have eyes on more for 2020.

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With a bit of elbow grease, you can even have them looking like new again. If you want to update your home’s décor but don’t want to spend a small fortune, estate sales are ripe with home furnishings at low prices. You’ll run across lots of one-of-a-kind vintage goods, such as an old-fashioned typewriter or a hand-drawn map that can be framed, Realtor.com’s Dutton says. a look at the renovation of the estate of things Soon after The Estate of Things Etsy Shop doors were opened to offer curated vintage finds and eclectibles. However, you may be better off buying everyday small appliances such as toaster ovens or waffle irons new from a big-box retailer rather than at an estate sale. Most aren’t expensive, and buying new means you’ll get a warranty. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting money on a used small appliance that won’t work very long after you get it home. If you regularly host dinner parties or large family gatherings, then you know that having a quality dinnerware set to entertain is a must.

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It’s not everyday that people put “sweet” and “split-level” together in a sentence but that’s just one of the words you could use to describe Sean and Claire’s renovation of their house in downtown Southern Pines. So how can you tell if a book is a first edition or not? Often, the publisher will print “first edition” on the copyright page of the book. Alternatively, check the sequence of numbers printed at the bottom of the copyright page. If the sequence includes the numeral “1” that’s an indication it’s a first edition. Stumbling across a first-edition book that has the author’s signature will help drive up the book’s value even more, Denny adds.

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Here are a few snaps of the projects that Sarah and Betsy have brought to life, from gut renovations, to staged interiors, to the beauty of their retail space, these two deem no detail unimportant. I feel like Sarah and I continue to balance the harmony between our two distinct voices. But truly what makes us distinct is our careful curation, impeccable styling and attention to detail. We have always had a knack for quickly identifying desirable design elements and working them into our own signature style, which we refer to as the Southlands. We like a neo-traditional base with an eclectic spread on top and a fair amount of vintage appreciation in the mix. This combination creates our signature style and gives us a distinct voice in the ever changing design zeitgeist. By age 24, I was ready to see what else there was and so I hit the road for Los Angeles.

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Each year our reports trend toward better numbers, but we are still very much in growth mode. The Estate of Things is a melting pot of interests that Sarah and I share in vintage, home decor and eclectibles, as well as our love for real estate and renovation. We blog about all of the above, we take on limited design consultation projects, and as far as our shops go, we specialize in global textiles, vintage picking and product development. As a hobby, my BFF from college and I started to blog about our shared passion for home decor and real estate. We had long dreamt of one day opening up a design shop together, so the blog seemed like a fun project in the meantime. In it for the thrill of the hunt, the ladies of The Estate of Things seek to fulfill shoppers with unique and timeless vintage home accessories and furnishings. The Estate of Things relies on its keen bi-coastal design sense when selecting it’s goods.This chic bamboo flatware arrived very promptly in great condition. Cali Chalet is an on-going renovation in the San Bernardino Mountains where Betsy’s family vacations.This hasn’t always been easy, but it made the bumps in the road a lot easier to manage as a result. In 2016, my friend Sarah and I took our hobby blog The Estate of Things, and we incorporated. We had both found ourselves free from the full-time job life and after stumbling upon a great retail spot for rent, it felt like serendipity, the time to take the leap. After almost a decade of shared daydreaming, we pursued the brick and mortar shop life that had inspired the blog. After meeting my husband out at a bar on a Monday night… I’ve come to know Los Angeles as home and it has ruined me in all the best ways. My fortunate opportunity to pursue my passions full time has opened me up. My adventures near and dear to life events like birth, the loss of my mother and my own cancer diagnosis have unfurled my dreams, sharpening a focus on what makes me happy and what I can edit out of my daily pursuits.Los Angeles is complex and while a part of me requires novelty and diversity, there is a quiet version of me that takes up most of my internal space. The rigors of navigating office politics, working for hierarchical organizations and fueling all the passion one holds into something that didn’t belong to me was wearing me out and really cramping my creativity at work. We talked with several estate sale experts about which items tend to be worth your money and time. The Estate of Things is where long time friends Betsy Moyer and Sarah Farrell illustrate their shared passion for design. I think it is important for any aspiring business owner to know that we are officially in year three and we are still putting all of our revenue back into the business for growth. Get to know the business behind the blog, theestateofthings.com. From the early days, through the renovations, to the launch of the brick and mortar s…Estate sales can be a gold mine for shoppers in search of unique, high-quality goods at reasonable prices. These include everything from clothing and jewelry to furniture and home décor. Keep in mind that you probably won’t find the trendiest items at estate sales, but rather classic pieces that have stood the test of time — and still have lots of life left in them. Being 3000 miles away meant lots of trips to NC to help with shop upfits, merchandising, photoshoots and more. Back in LA, I build and manage the ecommerce end, manage all of our inventory systems and strategize our marketing efforts across a number of channels. My partner Sarah does most all of our buying and picking and it’s her eye for design that makes up the majority of the brand’s signature style. We borrowed capital to make this business happen and managing that debt along with the desire for growth as we find our feet continues to be a struggle even now.