Chart of Accounts Examples, Template, and Tips

chart of account template

In short, this is a way to measure how valuable your organization is to its owners. Even worse, if your competition has a highly efficient and streamlined COA, they will always have a competitive advantage over you. Simply put, without an informative chart of accounts that’s customized to your particular needs, your decision-makers are leading your organization with blinders on. To see a working example of the entire hierarchy, click the button to download the chart of accounts template that we actually use as a starting point on our engagements. Scroll down to see an example or click the button to download our full chart of accounts template.

chart of account template

There might be different digits representing divisions or departments within the company. For the preparation of which you can download this Chart of Accounts for Small Business sample. This another different format that has been crafted for making it unique from the old-school patterns. The format is fully customizable, hence you can customize it as per your need.

Example and Template

The more accounts you have, the more difficult it will be consolidate them into financial statements and reports. Also, it’s important to periodically look through the chart and consolidate duplicate accounts. Granted, by the time they hit your financial reports, you’re probably grouping them in a line item anyway. However, the chart of accounts plays a critical role in how your revenue accounts, for instance, flow into the profit and loss statement. In other words, it all starts with the chart of accounts, flows into the ledger accounts, and finally into your ERP system.

  • The more accounts you have, the more difficult it will be consolidate them into financial statements and reports.
  • A big part of that task is initially assembling your COA with an eye toward the future.
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  • Once that occurs, you immediately damage trust in your chart’s accuracy and reliability, usually necessitating a COA rebuild.

Therefore, a well-formed and organized COA allows you to draw a direct line between a transaction and how it flows into your financial statements. For example, additional information like company and cost center lists flesh out simple transactional data, providing more nuanced insights that your leadership will undoubtedly benefit from. We’ll go into greater detail in a bit but, for the time being, just remember that you have a large degree of flexibility when it comes to building your COA and tailoring it to your specific needs. Even if you’re business is pretty simple with just a few employees, there will be a lot of different categories you will use, and these can get confusing. If you don’t keep your chart of accounts organized, your Income Statement and Balance Sheet will be pretty useless and you’re back to bank account business management – Money in the bank?

What is the Chart of Accounts? – Definition

It’s like wandering through a complex and sprawling city in search of a financial needle in a haystack. For starters, your accounting data can quickly become unreliable and outdated, which is an especially poor turn of events when timely insights are essential. Upping the ante even more, we’re also including a COA template to provide you with a handy jumpstart to your own chart of accounts. So on that note, let’s jump right in because clearer, more organized financials and improved decision-making are just around the corner.

chart of account template

But it is important to consider what numbering system will facilitate the addition of new accounts if your organization grows. Each category of an account in a chart of accounts usually contains multiple accounts. Increasing the size of a business increases the complexity of the chart of accounts. The chart of accounts of a small business may have a hundred accounts, while the chart of accounts of a larger corporation may have thousands. This is a General Ledger Chart of Accounts in DOC that you can use to list down all the transactions either credited or debited for the community development. If you download this template you will get the idea of the structure that you can use for this purpose.


The template is available in the DOC format, hence you can edit it in the DOC editor. A Church is also maintained by an organization, therefore it also has bank accounts for a different purpose. You can use this Church Chart of Accounts Template for maintaining the chart for the church’s bank accounts. The best part of this template is that it has been designed for the church. Therefore it is an exclusive sample that gives you information and a ready-made structure for the Chart of Accounts related to Churches. By downloading this sample you will be able to understand the structure of such descriptive account charts.

A big change will make it difficult to compare accounting record between these years. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are building a chart of accounts for your business. To ensure you start out on the right foot, we’re providing you with a COA template to download and customize to your heart’s content. Ideally, you’ll take our template and bend it to your specific needs.

Adjusting and Customizing Your Chart of Accounts

It’s actually your COA that comes first in the data chain, where your categories and identifiers funnel transactions into the ledger, which classifies them accordingly. Following these three tips will help you set up your chart of accounts correctly the first time, saving you time, money, and frustration. Click the button to download our full chart of accounts template to follow along. Recording transactions to a specific account is what makes it possible to review the performance of your business at a glance. That is if, and this is a huge if, your chart of accounts is organized correctly.