What Does It Mean To Be in The Black Or in The Red?


Nothing could have been more sordid than this self-important man when he was in a bad temper and thought that he could safely show it. His soul was inundated with happiness, not that he loved Madame de Rênal, but an awful torture had just ended. He thought it necessary to say something, to avoid Madame Derville noticing anything.

Are you in the red or black?

When you owe more money than you make in income, people say you’re “in the red.” This phrase comes from the old accounting practice of showing negative numbers on a ledger in red ink. Black ink represents positive numbers. So if you’re making more money than you’re paying out in expenses, you’re “in the black.”Before leaving the little cave, Julien made a light and carefully burnt all that he had written. He quite astonished his friend when he knocked at his door at one o’clock in the morning.

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He managed to expound theories concerning the Latin poets which his questioner had never read of anywhere. Like an honest man, he gave the young secretary all due credit for them. They talked about the state of society under Augustus and under George IV. At both periods the aristocracy was all-powerful, but, while at Rome it was despoiled of its power by Maecenas who was only a simple knight, it had in England reduced George IV practically to the position of a Venetian doge. This discussion seemed to lift the marquis out of that state of bored torpor in which he had been plunged at the beginning of the dinner. Julien was rewarded for the frigidity which he put into those words.

  • “Ah! if I have been like that, she would not have preferred Croisenois to me!” The more his reason was offended by the grotesque affectations of the prince the more he despised himself for not having them.
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  • It was not now a question of resisting that charming lover, but of losing him for ever.
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  • Julien had become his other self, except in those matters which concerned his political career.

He would be frightened and would not appear there again. “Madame, this is the first time in my life that I have come to Besançon. I should like to have some bread and a cup of coffee in return for payment.” “So now we have reached the state of affairs which you wished for so much. Henceforward you will live without remorse. The slightest indisposition of your children will no longer make you see them in the tomb.” Cruel necessity bent Julien’s will with its iron hand.

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Julien, who was very tired, heard people around him debating the question of whether this delay was a good or a bad omen. He was pleased to see that all the wishes were for him. The jury did not come back, and yet not a woman left the court. While Julien’s soul was nearly all the time wholly in the realm of ideas, Mathilde, who, as befits an aristocratic spirit, had occupied herself with concrete things, had managed to make the direct and intimate correspondence between madame de Fervaques and M. De Frilair progress so far that the great word bishopric had been already pronounced. The venerable prelate, who was entrusted with the distribution of the benefices, added in a postscript to one of his niece’s letters, “This poor Sorel is only a lunatic. I hope he will be restored to us.” what does it mean to be in the black or in the red? De la Mole, and composed for my Lord the Bishop a letter, a masterpiece of ecclesiastical style, although it was a little long; it would have been difficult to have found more unimpeachable phrases, and ones breathing a more sincere respect. And nevertheless, this letter, intended as it was to get M. De Frilair into trouble with his patron, gave utterance to all the serious matters of complaint, and even descended to the little squalid intrigues which, having been endured with resignation for six years, were forcing the abbé Pirard to leave the diocese. Though Julien passed in front of all the inns, he did not dare to enter a single one. As luck would have it, he thought himself envied, and not without reason.

Understanding In The Black

“No, my friend,” she answered, “call the children, let us go for a walk.” A feverish attack of one of her sons would affect her almost as deeply as if the child had died, though she would not deign to confide in anyone. A burst of coarse laughter, a shrug of the shoulders, accompanied by some platitude on the folly of women, had been the only welcome her husband had vouchsafed to those confidences about her troubles, which the need of unburdening herself had induced her to make during the first years of their marriage. Jokes of this kind, and above all, when they were directed at her children’s ailments, were exquisite torture to Madame de Rênal. And these jokes were all she found to take the place of those exaggerated sugary flatteries with which she had been regaled at the Jesuit Convent where she had passed her youth.”For all the social advantages, for the pleasure of commanding pleasures, of setting the laws at defiance, and the pleasure of being insolent with impunity to all? Or do you wish for your eternal salvation? The most backward of you have only got to open your eyes to distinguish the true ways.” Towards mid-day the abbé Pirard took leave of his pupils, but not before addressing to them a severe admonition. Two o’clock was already striking when he allowed his favourite pupil to retire to his room after an extremely detailed account. Laden with his volumes, Julien left the palace in a state of great astonishment as midnight was striking. “So, it is you who showed proof of so much courage by placing the bouquets of feathers on the baldachin. They make me shudder. They make me fear that they will cost some man his life. You will go far, my friend, but I do not wish to cut short your brilliant career by making you die of hunger.” “Yes, my Lord. I have only been out of the seminary alone once in my life to go and help M. the abbé Chas-Bernard decorate the cathedral on Corpus Christi day.”I shall then understand what these people regard as perfection.” “See the pretty Formant looking quite common next to her,” said the first. “Mademoiselle de la Mole looks as if she controlled the pleasure which she derives from her triumph, of which she is perfectly conscious. One might say that she fears to please anyone who talks to her.” “In truth she is straining every nerve to please. Just look at that gracious smile now that she is doing the figure in that quadrille all alone. On my honour it is unique.” Norbert was only struck by a few details which, in the midst of all that magnificence, had not been able to be attended to. He calculated the expense of each item, and Julien remarked that the nearer he got to a sum total, the more jealous and bad-tempered he appeared.To-night he experienced more happiness by the side of his love, for he thought less constantly about the part he had to play. What Madame de Rênal said to him about his age contributed to give him some assurance.

What Does The Phrase In The Red Mean?

If other things remaining stable, the companies with the ‘In the Black’ remark has a low risk of making defaults and Bankruptcy. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. A liability is something a person or company owes, usually a sum of money. Finance is the study and management of money, investments, and other financial instruments.”The enemy makes a false move; I will reply by coldness and virtue.” Mademoiselle de la Mole’s letter had given Julien’s vanity so keen a pleasure, that wreathed as he was in smiles at his good fortune he had forgotten to think seriously about the propriety of leaving. She would have been frightened at the depth and mystery in Julien’s character, even if she had merely entered into a conventional acquaintance with him. And she was going to make him her lover, perhaps her master. “Yes,” he slowly said to himself, with an infinite pleasure, “the merits of the marquis and myself have been weighed in the balance, and it is the poor carpenter from the Jura who turns the scale. “How I should like to make him angry,” said Julien.

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How many times have my looks plunged into the valley of the Doubs, as I thought of the Paris balls which I had abandoned on the previous night, and leant my breast against the great blocks of stone, whose beautiful grey almost verged on blue. Beyond the left bank, there wind five or six valleys, at the bottom of which I could see quite distinctly several small streams. There is a view of them falling into the Doubs, after a series of cascades. When it beats straight down, the pensive traveller on the terrace finds shelter under some magnificent plane trees. They owe their rapid growth and their fine verdure with its almost bluish shade to the new soil, which M.”I really mean to take Sorel, the son of the sawyer, into the house,” said M. De Rênal was taking a promenade on the Cours de la Fidélité with his wife on his arm. While listening to her husband Madame de Rênal followed anxiously with her eyes the movements of three little boys. The eldest, who might have been eleven years old, went too frequently near the parapet and looked as though he was going to climb up it. A sweet voice then pronounced the name of Adolphe and the child gave up his ambitious project.These words went right home to Mathilde’s heart. “It is true,” she said to herself; “my mother has guessed right. That is the sentiment which animates him.” It was only then that she ceased rejoicing over yesterday’s scene. “Well, it is all over,” she said to herself, with an apparent calm. “It is a great lesson, anyway. It is an awful and humiliating mistake! It is enough to make me prudent all the rest of my life.” As the result of this night of madness, she imagined that she had succeeded in triumphing over her love.It was only a long time afterwards that Julien had sufficient self-possession to enquire “where were the bones of the Saint that had been sent from Rome to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy?” He was told that they were hidden in the charming waxen figure. “You promise me?” he said, lifting up his arm with an inspired air. Then the bishop went very quickly to the centre of the room, then approached the mirror, again resumed his angry manner, and gravely began to give blessings. His epaulettes were more brilliant than those of the others, because they were new. “Well,” said Julien, “I suppose he’s going to go to that corn shop which was once a church, and has recently been restored to religion, but what is he going to do there? That’s one of the mysteries which I have never been able to fathom.” “Oh,” she said to herself, “if I had only known Julien ten years ago when I was still considered pretty.” Prudence at last compelled her to return to her room.

In The Black Vs In The Red: What Does In The Black And In The Red Mean?

Valenod’s lack of repose, and by his boisterous loudness. Her aloofness from what, in the Verrières’ jargon, was called “having a good time,” had earned her the reputation of being very proud of her birth.”Deign to open to me. I must speak to you. I am too unhappy.” And he knocked hard enough to break the pane. He pricked up his ears and assured himself that nothing disturbed the profound silence of the room, but there could be no doubt about it, there was no light, even half-extinguished, on the mantelpiece. He mounted his horse, rode a league, and then perceiving a wood and not seeing any one who could notice him enter, he plunged into it.It was from her that Julien learned that the marquis was going to be a minister. He was offering to the Camarilla a very ingenious plan for the annihilation of the charter within three years without any disturbance. The chain which he had once forced asunder—in, alas, such different circumstances—had not yet been repaired.

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The actual moment of death did not seize hold of his mind either. “I will think about it after the sentence.” Life was no longer boring, he was envisaging everything from a new point of view, he had no longer any ambition. He rarely thought about mademoiselle de la Mole. His passion of remorse engrossed him a great deal, and often conjured up the image of madame de Rênal, particularly during the silence of the night, which in this high turret was only disturbed by the song of the osprey.”Go, Monsieur, and advise the senior and the gentlemen of the chapter.” The conversation of aristocratic society was more dangerous. The ladies began to ask each other if the mayor alone was responsible for this grave impropriety. Speaking generally, they did justice to his contempt for lack of birth. “I shall be disgraced both here and at Besançon,” answered the abbé Maslon, “if he appears among my clergy. A Jansenist, by the Lord.” Julien was astonished, and what was more, angry that she should make a mystery of what was disturbing her, “I had anticipated it,” he said bitterly to himself.