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Dick Rice is highly qualified specialist in the field of economics. He has been engaged in trading for over 10 years, mentoring - for more than 5. He knows information that will be useful to both beginners and experienced traders: rating of forex brokers, trading strategies, auxiliary literature. Dan will be glad to help you become successful and significantly increase your income.

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What is price variance?

The difference in value may be on account of difference in price or volume of sales which need to be analysed further. If the actual profit is more than the budgeted profit, it is a favourable variance. Similarly, if the actual. Read more

What is a Sales Account?

As both sales and account management are critical roles, organizations should consider bifurcating them once they have reached a considerable size. Since account management also involves cross-selling and upselling whenever opportunities arise, sales teams can build their product presence quickly – but managing. Read more

Treasury Stock Financial Accounting

The net amount is included as either a debit or credit to the treasury APIC account, depending on whether the company paid more when repurchasing the stock than the shareholders did originally. Under the cost method, at the time of the. Read more

Journal entry to record the payment of rent

The above example entries provide an overview of the concept. Thus, it isn’t a very different from normal expense journal entry. Following are the steps for recording the journal entry for rent paid by cheque. In this case, the cash account. Read more